Lavandula angustifolia Spear Blue

You will love Spear Blue because it is one of the most characteristic Lavandula angustifolia from seed. The appearance of Spear Blue is very strong and the plants are extremely long lasting. Spear Blue is known for its very sturdy, strong flower stems and big flower spikes with an intense colour. Suitable for 10.5-13 cm pots and bigger pots with more plugs per pot for first year flowering. Multiple-sown plugs 288 and 180 are available to fit the different requirements.

Lavandula angustifolia Essence Purple

You will love Essence because it is the most winter hardy, easy growing variety on the market. Suitable for 13–19 cm pots. Next to its great branching, Essence gives a lot of dark purple flowers. For biennial cultivation it is the earliest flowering Lavandula on the market! We deliver you year-round a pinched 180 plug for the optimal start of the season. When you want to make a quick start for the first flowering weeks, you switch to a big plug. These plants can be potted in week 6-8 and will flower 10-12 weeks later. This product form saves you time and risks.

Lavandula angustifolia Ardèche

You will love Ardèche because in first year cultivation Ardèche is the earliest Lavandula angustifolia on the market. With its short stems on very silvery foliage, Ardèche is a very special variety. Suitable for 10.5-13 cm pots with one plug or 15-19 cm potted with more plugs. Ardèche stands out in retail because of the early sales possibility, uniformity and good shelf life. We offer you Ardèche on a multiple-sown 288 for small pots or 180 for bigger pots. The 84-plug can be used for a quick start.

Lavandula angustifolia Valence Dark Violet

You will love Valence because of its compact growing. Valence is very suitable for smaller pots. This new generation of very uniform and compact growing Lavandula suits very well for first year inside productions. Outside, Valence can also be potted later in the season for over winter production. Suitable for 10.5-13 cm pots and potted with more plugs per pot on bigger pots. Available on 288-, 180- and 84-plug.