Coreopsis UpTick

The Coreopsis is a real beauty to look at. This series with large flowers keeps its shape and colours throughout the summer. If that is not enough; the Coreopsis is very easy to maintain and resistant to mildew. Due to its compact but very branching plant habit, the UpTick easily fills a 3 liter pot with 1 plant! The enchanting colour combination Gold & Bronze is unique in the market. · Easily filling a 3 litre pot with 1 plant · Tidy, mounded habit is easy to ship and shows very good at retail · Keeps its shape and colour in the landscape all summer long · Low maintenance and very mildew-resistant · Gold and Bronze is unique in the market

Digitalis Pink Panther

Digitalis Pink Panther lives up to its name! The first sterile F1 Digitalis from seed is a performance powerhouse! Heavily branching plants produce multiple spikes at one time without a pinch. Because of the medium height, there is space for more plants on a trolley. Vibrant rose-pink speckled flowers are sterile which make them long-lasting and loved by bees. The overall impression roars premium plant that consumers will pounce on! -Earliest first year flowering Digitalis - Day length neutral - Bushy and pot filling with healthy leaves. - Lots of shoots and flowers. - Long lasting flowers (no seed setting) - High value product. Exclusive

Echinacea Sombrero

Celebrate the summer with a Sombrero! A new series in Echinacea range is the Sombrero. Very short and well-branched series. Sturdy plants make a great presentation in 2 to 3 litre pots. The brightly coloured Sombreros show single flowers that will for sure get a lot of attention from the market. And not at least the plants can be produced as first year flowering. Sombrero; a must-have in your perennial program! • A high margin product • Good quality young plants • Easily filling a 3 litre pot with 1 plant • More compact well branching plants • Easier in packing and transportation • Bright colours in an attractive shop presentation

Salvia Marvel

This Salvia is distinctive thanks to its medium-sized leaves and its large attractive flowers that are among the largest flowers in nemorosa! Marvel is well branching and compact. Suitable for 1 cutting on 13cm or more on larger pots. For first-year flowering as well as over-years. Salvia Marvel was a golden medal winner during Plantarium 2016.